An efficient way to collaborate with your client

Macaw is a simple tool which contains [Checklist-Communication tool-Q&A- Agreement list] that helps you to:

- Clearly define goals with your client.

- Instantly update project progress to your client.

- Increase ability in acquiring output after any conversation for better time utilization.

Currently in Beta version and available on web

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Hello Hunters! We would love to show to you guys Macaw, a tool that help you improve efficiency during collaborating with your clients. Macaw is made to solve the communication problems for freelancers: - Unknown goals / scope creep - Client unresponsiveness - Missing output after conversations Macaw currently contains the following features: - Checklist for tasks to be done. - Realtime notifications via emails - Question & Answer system to create a new behavior in acquiring & organizing information. This is currently a beta version of Macaw and we are welcome all feedbacks and questions. All your ideas are of great contribution to us. Thanks again! Luu.
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The 3 features you list are basic features on other apps in this category. Yeah, it's free for now, but business are not necessarily looking for free products, they are looking to maximize the value of they money they spend. You got lots of competition in this market, good luck.
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Hi @tostartafire, thanks for your honest comment. We’ve thought about adding more features, but we decided to keep it like this for the Beta version. Currently, simplicity is what we aim for. And we’re trying to improve our app to match user’s expected experiences first before giving them too many choices.
Looks like a good and simple tool. How do you plan to monetise? What is the business model?
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Hi @loomiassistant, thanks for your compliment. We haven’t decided the business model yet due to the fact that we’re focusing on improving user experiences at this moment. For now, everyone can use it for free. :D
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Hi, I haven't used this product but it looks like a task management tool. You mentioned there is "a Q&A feature which may create new behavior in acquiring & organizing information", this is interesting, I wonder how the tool may able to do this?
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Hi @wacam10, thanks for the comment, We have a separate section called Question & Answers. You can ask your client about any specific details of the job while you’re collaborating with them. Using this, the info you want won’t be lost forever like your common e-mail loops. You can go as detail as you want for a single question instead of too many sub-topics in a generic channel.
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Having been using the tool for a while and here are some of my questions: - How can I delete the Question/Answer or it is unable to do so? - How many clients/other freelancers I can invite in a project? - Is there going to be an iOS version for this tool? Suggestion: It would be great if I can see the timing of every action (like a comment, task creation/delete...) 🤔
Hi @bitishw, thanks for your contributions, we really appreciate that! I'll answers all your questions here: 1. Currently, we don’t think users should delete any question, since any question & its answer always has their meaning. Just keep it for later use. 2. For now, you can only invite 1 person to your project, whether it’s your client or your team member. We're working to increase the number of personnel for a project. 3. The iOS version will come within the next months. Please stay in touch with us!