A personal assistant built inside Facebook Messenger

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Pretty awesome to see what the Messenger team has done with M. Combining people and AI to help people with *anything* is super exciting!
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@brian_lovin 'Computers are a bicycle for your mind, M is a bicycle for your assistant.'
@brian_lovin Awesome Brian! Thanks for posting this :)
@brian_lovin another interesting company in the space http://www.commersational.com
@robfdaniel, @jeremygoldbrg, @davidmarcus, how about some PH love and granting access for some of us here to play around with it! They totally should, right @rrhoover?
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Interesting to see so many players converge on the human+AI-powered personal assistant space. See Magic, Luka, Operator. Why are you building this, @robfdaniel, @jeremygoldbrg, @davidmarcus?
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@rrhoover we want Messenger to become the best place for people to not only communicate with their friends and loved ones, but also with businesses (who likes calling or emailing businesses anyway?!). There are two types of interactions we're trying to cover, the threads with brands you care about and you want to have a "relationship" with, and intents that need to be fulfilled — for which it doesn't really matter who/how it's done as long as it's done well. M is aimed at covering the second use case. We think we may be uniquely positioned to solve that hard problem, so we're going to try!
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@davidmarcus What is the ratio of human/AI with M? Would be great to try it!
@davidmarcus Congrats on the launch! Really excited about this. Especially the opportunity for Messenger to capture intent-driven activity. fyi: wrote a TC article about that very subject (intent vs passive activity) and how you guys are like you said in a unique position to solve that hard problem: techcrunch.com/2015/08/11/its-operating-systems-vs-messaging-apps-in-the-battle-for-techs-next-frontier/
@rrhoover Tried to get on Magic but they want 3k to start and $100/hr. Have you heard any feedback on efficacy?
M is a logical step towards a contextual operating system. Today, the shoe purchase card is surfaced because you asked for it. Tomorrow is will be surfaced because the system knows you and your context. Companies need to stop building apps and start building APIs.
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@shauntrennery agree. Front-end is such a commodity :)
The logo is absolutely incredible.
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@torbahax an also absolutely resemblant to Musixmatch's https://medium.com/musixmatch-te...
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@pieroborgo it's the blue copy of Musixmatch logo, that's incredible :o