Lyrics Training

A game where you fill in the lyrics of your favorite songs

Awkward, alternative tagline: Karaoke meets “learn how to type” meets jeopardy. 😄 This is really clever. I’d prefer to sing/speak rather than use my keyword to fill in the lyrics to Kanye West’s Flashing Lights though.
@rrhoover Honestly, I learned speaking English by watching MTV and English movies with Dutch subtitles - think this could work brilliantly if you want to learn English! :)
@rrhoover @bramk Yep and I learned English by mishearing and mispronouncing Britney Spears songs. Good times.
@rrhoover @bramk @v4violetta Can't agree more. Language learning might be an interesting direction. I know lots of people who learned a language through lyrics or TV. Unless you're learning a language through "particular" types of rap music :)
Wow, I tried this with some of Jason Mraz's songs at 50%, and despite knowing all of the lyrics I just couldn't type them fast enough :P