Fun audio-based social platform

Lyrc makes it super easy to capture and share audio with friends and family. Add voice filters, share random thoughts, sounds, songs, or whatever inspires you. Audio allows you to be more authenticity when you share. Discover your world through audio, photos, and emojis. Join the iOS beta!

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Social networks were supposed to connect us; instead they distance and separate us. With Lyrc we wanted to build an experience that brings us closer, highlighting our creativity while showcasing each unique voice. We believe that short-form audio will be just as big as photos/video. Our goal is to build a reliable communication platform that allows you to easily discover and share your world through audio.
Thanks to @nikkielizdemere for hunting us. We’re super happy to be on PH! When social platforms become serious business, they stop being fun. So with Lyrc, we wanted to create something useful and fun, a toy! We hope Lyrc inspires you to talk, play, sing, rhyme, and create. A few things you should know: • Hold to record (15 seconds max) • Choose a filter, then lyrc. • Swipe camera up to upload photos • Your name is your username • You can unsend a message by deleting it. (Hold and Delete) • In addition to audio, you can send/share photos and videos • Video (on lyrc) kind of sucks. • No Ads, Ever. Thank you supporting us, feel free to ask questions or add any thoughts/feedback you might have about the product and space. 💃
@nikkielizdemere @eric_nt love the ux and the whole app idea!
@pregenun glad you like it!
Fascinating. Downloaded the app. Tried to signup using a 9 character PW but error message tells me it has to be at least 5 characters 🧐
@diana_santaguida looking into it. Thanks for sharing.

I it has a lot of potential. I really like it.


It's pretty simple, dynamic, beautiful & full of life. I love that you can post sounds and also see post in different ways.



progress is looking good. I love the branding on this..