Faster easier way to hire non technical talent

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Glad to see people in this space—apart from craigslist I have no idea how to hire non-tech talent.
Exactly. We had the same problem as hiring managers at our previous startups so we're scratching our own itch.
It's so hard to evaluate non-tech talent unless you've worked with them. I come from a product management background which is arguably one of the hardest because most of my input isn't tangible (the best PM's empower their team to do their best work). How exactly do you place talent, @susanxzheng? cc @mishachellam, @rklusas
@rrhoover brief aside... but so much yes. It's a challenge I face when trying to hire a PM and convincing other people in my org why they are the right person. It can be incredibly hard to evaluate a good PM.
@rrhoover you're absolutely right, you don't know how the person will perform until they're on the job. That's why at Lynxsy we pre-screen for qualified candidates and provide a trial period for the companies to test on-the-job performance before bringing them on full-time. @ffumarola a trial period is a great way to de-risk a hire and let the candidates prove to your team that they are the right person versus debating a sheet of paper.