Lydia Watch

Pay for things with one tap on your Apple Watch

Lydia - the French mobile payment app - is now available on the Apple Watch. The app allows users to accept friend’s or online services' payment requests in one tap. A friend requests 10€ for a movie ticket or a merchant requests 20€ for your food delivery? You can pay with your Watch in just one tap. We work on this app for the Apple Watch because we truly believe that it is the right accessory to welcome a seamless payment experience: no need to open an app, no need to tap a pin code, no need to select a credit card. If you want to allow people to pay from their Apple Watch on your website/app, get started with our demo here: We’d love to get your feedback! It is only available in France right now but we want it to be universal so you can vote for your country from the landing page.
Lydia is great, good job!! I am using the french app "Bonscomptes" with my roommates and my friends on trips to work out who should pay and to make the calculations together. Bonscomptes is good but every week/month, when we want to refund each other, we must pay cash and of course, none of my roomates got cash. In short, Lydia should be plugged or develop an app like this, plus solving this cash issue. It will make Lydia more viral pushing to invite my roommates, relatives, friends.