Tinder for the wealthy and beautiful

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"The easiest way to connect with the successful, attractive people" I think it would just be easier to move to LA ;)
Uh, how is this not fake?
@alxmlv That's what I thought. They'll raise millions and be out of business in a year or so.
@ryandetzel Yeah. Rich people wouldn't use a free app with Facebook sign on to Tinder w/ each other. I remember a few exclusive/invite only social networks for the elite that went the way of the dodo because the barrier of entry were too low.
"Luxy is the #1 luxury social dating app for wealthy men, women & beautiful people to meet, chat and date with other like-minded singles in their local area. Tinder is for all kinds of people, while Luxy is exclusively for the top 1% demographic." - ehhh - Check the coverage in related links above, what do you think? Apart from the obvious segregation of people here, a common saying when building a startup: "build something a small targetgroup loves", does apply here right? (sorry)
@bramk I think it's OK. They've got an ideal customer and it's smart.
Not sure why people are jumping on this so much without feeling similarly toward Tinder, but to each their own I guess. Just played around with Luxy for 10 mins. Unclear as to why I'd keep using it: 1. Filters Aren't Actually Filterable: Luxy doesn't actually filter on wealth or beauty. Just asks you how much you make. Didn't mention any editorial curation and doesn't have any manual filtering mechanisms. You can see how much someone makes, but it's not prominent in the UI. 2. Luxury Focus: Focus on luxury brands is a nice twist. (Yes, the app asks you your top 5 fave luxury brands.) But ultimately least important of filters Luxy offers: if you really care about this stuff, you care about $$ and beauty. 3. Beauty: (Dangerous opinions ahead) Everyone looked the same as on Tinder and OKC and everywhere else. Full range of physical appearance. Not all models. No celebrities. Unsure if they actually want to address this. 4. Small Pool: I'm in SF. Swiped through 15-20 people, already starting to get people from LA. In other words, it was basically Tinder with less users. All of this is fixable. If it's fixed, Luxy could be strong.
First and then this. The rich clearly have a lot of time...