Fake conference call tech by YC startup to prank teammates

We’ve created the ultimate tool to delay your coworkers, so you can get lunch before everyone. LunchBlocker is a fake conference call with pre-recorded (and frustrating) audio. The call will be filled with pointless banter and is very convincing.

Simply generate a personalized calendar invite, send it to your colleagues, and watch them waste away

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This is evil/hilarious 😈
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@rrhoover office productivity will hit new lows today
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I've been using in their beta, and shockingly... it actually does fool my colleagues. Also, even when it's not lunch time, I still use this to have my coworkers go into the conference room, so I can have the office to myself.
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@15greenberg I've listened to the audio a million times and it still triggers me lol
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Hey Product Hunters 👋 We're super excited to share our fake conference call with the community. We teamed up with MobyDish and a few NYC comedians to build this product. The office lunch rush is stressful. If you're not fast enough, you can be left with the scraps. We've built a product that can give you a competitive advantage. Simply generate a calendar invite (with our dial-in info) from our site, customize the invite, send it to your coworker, and watch them suffer. We will be here all day to answer questions, listen to your feedback, or we can just talk your lunch today 🍔
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Going to use this on so many people!
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I hate conference calls more than life itself. This is a beautiful way to harness the power of evil for a good cause.


Is infuriatingly realistic!


Perhaps a bit too short.

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