Lumos Helmet

Bike helmet with brake lights

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Ellen Chisa
Embarrassing, but true: I'm not coordinated to take my hands off my handlebars to signal. I think this would make me much more comfortable biking, especially at night.
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Building a new 📹 calling experience.
I had the chance to meet the Lumos team during the prototype stage and be part of their beta community. The product looks even more awesome in person. Unlike many 'lets launch now and figure out later' crowdfunding campaigns, Lumos team has spent months verifying all the manufacturing processes before launching. They have even got the 'Dragon certification' to validate their manufacturing due diligence. If you are a biker 🚲 , this is a must-have accessory!
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Martin LeBlanc
CEO of Iconfinder
Why would you want to look like a Christmas​ three when riding a bike?
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Braden Hamm
I understand the turn signals, but how would a car be able to tell between on/off braking lights and just a flashing light for visibility, like so many current cyclists use?
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Will Imholte
Designer, Prime
@bradenhamm Same way cars tell between tail lights and brake lights: it's one level of brightness all the time and 2x as bright when braking. (Or flashing vs solid, etc). No idea if it'd work to keep people safer, but I think it'd effectively communicate braking. *Edit: They have a gif showing the blinking > solid transition for braking. Looks fairly clear—and any amount of change will draw attention to you (which is good for safety)
Irving Torres
Freelance Designer
Love this. I used to bike around the city helmet-free but then I realized all it takes is one bad driver or one nasty fall to end my life so I wear one at all times now. This takes the cake for being nicely designed and very practical. Love the brake light and turn signals.
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