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Hey Product Hunt community! 10 months ago, @_jacksmith hunted our website while we were working on our android app. After launching it, we worked on the iOS version and launched it 5 months ago. We've learned so much from you guys, that both apps are now totally different from what they were a few months ago. About 2-3 weeks ago, we thought about trying something different with the API we already have built. That's when we started this Facebook chat bot project. The bot isn't perfect yet, but you can already ask it anything and get to read the latest related articles coming from 50,000+ publishers, from major publishers to obscure indie blogs. It covers every topic imaginable. The AI that powers Lumi collects and ranks thousands of articles every day and only shows you the most significant ones, in a fast and hassle–free way. This bot can also send you a daily update on the "things you can't miss today" related to the news you've asked him. We're really looking forward getting your feedback guys (especially me), please comment on here any suggestion you have to take this bot to the next level. Alternatively, you can PM me on Twitter as well :)
Nice and simple! would be great to see this conversational - have you guys thought about looking at and use their conversation chat api?
Awesome! How did you go about building this? Which tech stack did you use?
@rahulr047 Hi Rahul, I'm one of the engineers here at Lumi. The chatbot is powered by our API (Python+Flask) which also supports our Lumi News iOS app. Behind the scenes, our ingestion pipeline, driven by RabbitMQ, slurps around 20,000 pages per day, classifies them into topics, ranks them by popularity, and indexes them for fast retrieval from the API. Hope this helps and you enjoy the bot!
Just signed up. I made the mistake of hitting "Search" thinking it was about SEO (where my mind is at the moment) during the onboarding and not to search for topics. Doh!
@daveparkhere you can type "search search" ;-)