Custom silkscreen and rubber stamp toolkits on the cheap

#2 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2015
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We need a Product Hunt kitty stamp. Right meow.
@rrhoover I just tried it out with the kitty, our vectorizer does a pretty solid job with it:
@kepano wow, this turned out pretty good. ๐Ÿ˜„
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Hey guys! I'm the co-founder of Lumi. Yes, you saw us a few months ago with Inkodye (the sunlight-activated dye). We're expanding to help you print on more objects and surfaces, from fabric to glass, metal, wood, etc. We're still working to add better photos and details about each product, so bear with us. Feel free to ask any questions!
@kepano yeah better photos or even a mock up of what my stamp would look like give me more confidence in what I'm purchasing
@alancassinelli Those are coming soon, hope to have that feature out some time next week :)
This is so incredibly well done. Congrats @jessegenet!
Slick builder, slick checkout. Slick. Stamp ordered.
I didn't realize that I had saw this same company on Shark Tank a few episodes back. The rubber stamps are killer, definitely ordering one (or a few!). I think they would be great for gifts to fellow designers.