Lukewarm Emailer

Build a list of people on Twitter, reach out w/ a cold email

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Great tool for cold emailing people, inside your own Google spreadsheet. @colinmathews any chance for a free version? ;)
How do they get email addresses from Twitter accounts?
@7ewis Seems to be a team of people manually do it. Part of the cost.
@jasondainter @weinberg81 @7ewis sorry I didn't see this earlier. You may have already seen my answer to this elsewhere, but here's the skinny. The Lukewarm spreadsheet and bookmarklet won't find the email address of someone on Twitter, but we offer an additional service that can take a Twitter search and do a best attempt at locating those folks' emails. To do this we use some algorithms, but ultimately it comes down to crowdsourcing techniques to have humans find the email addresses from Twitter profiles (namely the website field). Make sense?
@colinmathews you should use @maccaw's Clearbit or FullContact to try to grab those emails
Thanks everyone so much! I'm a little overwhelmed right now in handling orders, but I'll try to respond to questions briefly as I get a chance. @weinberg81, no corporate pricing yet, but I'm definitely looking into that now. Stay in touch and feel free to check back in with me as time goes on. @crixlet The emails are sent directly from the spreadsheet with the same Google account that you receive the spreadsheet at. You can also send to any of your aliases set up in Gmail.
@colinmathews @weinberg81 @crixlet Looking great. I see more companies diving into Google Spreadsheets ( Spreadsheet Booster ). Can you please comment on how you gather the e-mail addresses, or what the percentage of e-mail to account matches is?
@colinmathews anything that can automate getting emails for identified leads is a huge win. I've gotten used to spending around $1/email contact either through, Zoominfo, or Task Rabbits. Mechanical Turk is great but takes time. Outsourcing all that is huge. One interesting addition could be to support any user profile link. For instance, LinkedIn users, Etsy shop owners, Airbnb hosts, or any other profile of a person you want to sell something to.
Amazing! I am going to have my sales and user acquisition folks try it out. @colinmathews Are you doing corporate pricing or just a one off per user thing right now?