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6 Reviews5.0/5
I'm staggered that this hasn't been on here before. I haven't used it for a while, but it's a fantastically well executed product.
@siburb Agree! My go to for mapping out ideas and charts
Love Lucidchart. I use it with the chrome extension. Very straightforward, and it has a LOT of helpful features that just work but you don't have to think about.
@_jacksmith @mountainmatt @siburb @itsthisjustin @lucidchart's sister product @lucidpress launched on @ProductHunt today. Check it out and let us know what you think!

I'm using Lucidchart to create figures (system architectures, concepts) for professional technical documentation (aerospace sector).


more convenient than Visio


would like to have more electronic symbols

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Best diagram software out there.


Easy to use, cloud based, better than visio with features and considerably cheaper.


Mobile app is not fully featured but, better than others. The free version only allows a few documents