Lucid Waker

This alarm wakes you up in your dream!

This alarm is designed for sound-induced lucid dreaming techniques, such as FILD, CANWILD, and Rausis.
You can extensively personalize the app for you to lucid dream every night effortlessly!
This app is entirely free and has no ads.
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Hello everyone! My name is Harry, and I am a Computer Science student in Purdue University. A few years ago, I developed a similar program for myself to both practice programming and help myself lucid dream more easily. And since I found my personalized program effective for myself, I decided to turn it into an app in case there are more people out there who might find my program beneficial. This app is free and there are no ads whatsoever. I hope there would be some of you who may get something out of my app! Thank you very much for reading, and please feel free to comment here or email me at for any feedback! Update: For anyone looking for the Android version of the app, the Android version is already made. Here is the link to the Android Version on Play Store:
This is exactly what I've been looking for. Can't wait to try it!
@mateonoteveo Thank you so much for your interest!
Hi! That sounds very interesting, is an Android version on the way?
@j_____________n Actually, the Android version is already made, and it has even more features! Here is the link to the Android version:
@harrycha Awesome! Thanks!
I like to explore the idea of lucid dreaming but I have heard from people that it does not work for everyone. I like the fact that your app does not have subscription, but I wouldn't mind pay some bucks for it. The only thing I don't like about the app is the icon, other than that, it looks promising.
@nimasakhtemani Thank you very much for your feedback! After releasing the app, I realized that many people think the app logo isn't very appealing. The logo was actually initially designed to fit the colors of the app's first version on Android, which used to be colorful. So I'll definitely consider redesigning the app logo for this iOS version. While I am not yet sure if lucid dreaming isn't possible for certain people, there definitely are natural lucid dreamers and people who have hard time lucid dreaming. It also took me quite some effort before being able to have my first lucid dream!
Going to try this tmrw. You know what other kind of alarm I’ve wanted for a while? A “wake me up at sunrise” one. So it’s dynamic, changes every morning as the seasons pass. Could you build something like this?
@pocketfreud Thank you very much for your interest, and good luck! I don't think my iOS development skill is advanced enough for such alarm app yet, but if I do make one, I'll definitely let you know!