Lucid makes it easy for designers to create and share design systems.

Describe principles, colors, typefaces, icons, images, writing guidelines, components, do's and dont's and code snippets.

It's easy to use and cost effective so even the smallest teams can have professional design systems so they can develop and ship faster.

Hywel Ingham
Rashid Aziz
John Lindén
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  • John Lindén
    John LindénDigital Product designer

    Super easy to use

    Structured in a way that makes sense

    Quick to getup to speed with a new design system

    FINALLY one place with all assets


    More focused on final UI design than UX exploration which kind of makes sense since it is a tool for Design systems.

    I'm currently building a brand for my own product and I've been struggling to get something concrete together that I feel happy with.

    I've started to realise why I've been struggling, and that's because I've been exploring brand colours/logotypes/fonts and other UI content when I've been designing the UI assets for the app. Big mistake.

    Lucid really helped me to get out of this bad spiral since it sort of guided me through the process creating a brand. And! The cool thing is that I already had a lot of the assets spread out in 14 different Sketch files. I really like it!

    John Lindén has used this product for one day.
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Matt McCallum
Matt McCallumMaker@mathum99 · Founder, Lucid
Hey hunters, we created Lucid because we found there was no real quick and easy way to create and publish well presented design systems. There are some tools out there but they are overcomplicated or restrictive. We've tried to solve this by making it as frictionless as possible. You can set up a free account where you’ll get 3 design systems (which you can publish so they’re publicly viewable for 30 days) - that way you can test it out before committing (the paid plan is $7 per month). We're just starting out and are focused on creating the very best product to help you develop and ship faster ✊If you've got any feedback or want to discuss ideas or features, please drop me a message.
Seth Hawkins
Seth Hawkins@nxtitan · Content Marketing Manager, Vivint
This is a fantastic resource for teams trying to keep people on brand. I've been looking for something like this without success until now. Great work!
Matt McCallum
Matt McCallumMaker@mathum99 · Founder, Lucid
@nxtitan Hey Seth, I'm glad we've made something you've been looking for, I was looking for it too! If you've got any feature ideas, feel free to contact me here on PH or use the Contact link in the footer on our website 👍
Jerom Nimo
Jerom Nimo@nimojerom · waiter
Sounds interesting, I'll try!
Matt McCallum
Matt McCallumMaker@mathum99 · Founder, Lucid
@nimojerom thanks! Don't forget to give us some feedback if you get the chance :)
REV1S@nyjetlife · undisclosed
I don’t have any use for this, but I can imagine this could be highly valuable for the right people. Good job!
Erin Toland
Erin Toland@mynycincolor1
Hey there! Do you guys have a sketch plugin so you can export styles directly from sketch?
Matt McCallum
Matt McCallumMaker@mathum99 · Founder, Lucid
@mynycincolor1 Hi Erin, we don't have a Sketch plugin right now, but we've had a lot of requests about this so it's definitely something we're going to look into (and soon). Watch this space.