A shopping app designed for long-term sustainability.

Luau aggregates brands like Nike, Ulta, Gymshark and Allbirds and covers discovery, purchase and tracking.
But the best part of Luau is that it shows the environmental impact of what it sells. Read the blog post to see how we're designing for sustainability!
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Good incentive. I wonder if this data array can also have a scored labor rating. When one measures the environmental impact, it is imperative to measure the cost of human activity to manufacture/move the product. E.g. - Jordan's are made in sweatshops, Whole Foods sources prison labor for cutlery and food products, and almost all (new) corporations are union-busting (local wage slavery). This should be sourceable per the largest brands and maybe a brand onboarding question to collect for sustainability purposes. If I were to modify this for another purpose, measure the top U.S. defense contractors to measure the top polluter in the world (US military) and the companies that operate under their general contracting. A great book to illustrate that is Smedley Butler's 1935 "War is a Racket" for motivation.
@ravi_bajnath I'm with you 100%. Will do everything in my power to get that data and help ensure the future says NO to abhorrent manufacturing practices.
First time founder here - would really appreciate your feedback! Please read the blog post to see how we've designed our entire company around long-term sustainability.
Hey Russell, fantastic product! I really love on the focus on consumerism as most people see sustainability and online shopping as enemies, when we should really look for better ways to incorporate sustainability in industries such as fashion, which is known for it's unbelievable environmental footprint! I've been trying to target that same focus at and would love to learn more about your product and potentially collaborate! I've already installed it and can't wait to get started! Best of luck on the launch!
Thank you @oliver_carmont, and Carbonly looks great just installed!! It's imperative for individuals to begin knowing their carbon footprint if we're to have a chance at < +2º, so I absolutely love what you're doing. Hit me up any time you think I or Luau can help your mission.
Congrats on the launch! This would be really interesting as a Chrome/browser plug-in. Could even take an approach like Honey where you can reward "points" for sustainable purchases. Love this and looking forward to it being available for Android :)
@juan_perez2 Thank you Juan! We have both the Android version and a browser plug-in similar to what you've described on the road map. Both will be available ~late 2020/early 2021 if things go according to plan.
@luauworld awesome to hear! Looking forward to the releases 🤙
Love this. How are you gonna get the info for each individual product as you scale?
@aldo_silva we're currently showing environmental impact based on the material composition of each product, which is pretty universal data. Ultimately the goal is to show exact scope-3 carbon emissions per product and make it an industry standard to disclose that information on product pages. The big idea is that people are inherently good and vote with their dollars, so showing them the environmental impact of each product can activate market forces aligned with emission reduction.
@luauworld Love it. Best of luck!
@aldo_silva much appreciated.