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Hey there makers! Love the concept! Really do! But wait! I think I have seen this somewhere. Yeah this looks like my app Swifty (swifty-app.com). The main menu, the chapter menus, even the code view and the output view looks exactly like my app. Even some of the text looks like my text. I wonder how much creativity went into your app.
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@triplejberger We're big fans of Swifty and it was definitely one of the many inspirations we found when putting together a mobile solution. Don't think any of the content would be similar to you guys though! This is just a V1 for us, excited to see where you guys and ourselves go in the future! Happy to chat sometime as well.
@earemu @triplejberger "it was definitely one of the many inspirations" - looks like it. Don’t get me wrong here. I really want more people to learn how to code. What bugs me is that everything looks exactly the same. Everything.
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@triplejberger You are entitled to your opinion of course, but we are huge fans of apps like Codecademy: Code Hour, Swifty, Duolingo & Code School and they all contributed to the product design! I don't see any content overlap between us, we are both doing unique, interesting ideas. We will always hold Swifty in the highest regards :)
@triplejberger This is an interesting question that the indy video game community has had to address and continues to address. Whether or not this particular example crosses a line of similarity, it would be helpful for @producthunt to comment on whether they feel there is a line beyond which they would not be comfortable promoting an app. Has this been an issue for video game hunt?
Thanks for posting @ericfriedman. We are really excited to launch Lrn on Product Hunt today! Lrn is a mobile app that teaches you to code through interactive mini-quizzes. You only need internet to download then you can use the app without a connection (even on the NYC subway!). We want to make the most immersive mobile coding experience possible. Over the last year I have spent many hours teaching myself everything I can about programming. That journey, as well as the NYC subway :), has inspired myself, @jain_chirag04 and @_hoodsy to build this product and company. You can read more about the story via our blog post on Medium here (http://bit.ly/1JNJRS1). We'd love to hear your guys feedback on our product!
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@think_andreah @nathantbernard Thanks so much for checking it out! We really appreciate it. Much more to come.
@nathantbernard The app looks great. Waiting for the android version.
@aditya_shirole @nathantbernard Thanks :) you can sign up for our mailing list that will provide updates on Android at lrnapp.com
I'm with @triplejberger, this is shockingly similar to http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... except it's a different language. Curious if Product Hunt has a clear position on how to handle situations like this?
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@cwhooten You can see what we said about this topic yesterday with @triplejberger. As we said, there were many inspirations for the app, one of them being Swifty, a product we deeply respect. We don't agree that these apps are similar, we'd say keep watching both our products iterate and progress :)
@cwhooten @nathantbernard @triplejberger So far the only differences I can see are a) different programming language b) slightly different design (font, colors). But all the details (entering values through bubbles, displaying results, chapter organization => the entire UX) are 1:1 Swifty. I wonder which >>details<< come from DuoLingo, Code Hour et al??? As I cannot see how Codeacadamy, Codeschool, Duolingo influenced Lrn so far (no gamification or platform element), in my opinion it would be at least more than fair giving full credit to Swifty at least in the Medium article and, more importantly, in the app itself. That said, we all know that the product value not lies in the idea, but in the execution. If Lrn manages establishing a mobile gamified platform for learning to program, that'd be completely different to Swifty focussing on a single language.
I have been advising Nathan and team from my own interest in learning to code, and spending so much time commuting in the subway without connectivity. They have built something great for business people like me, who want to learn on the go via mobile app. I am a very visual learner and learn by example, and Lrn is a great combination of the two, which I wanted to share with the PH community. What are some great ways to learn coding fundamentals via mobile?
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@ericfriedman can't wait to try it!
@ericfriedman Thanks for posting. One big reason we went with mobile is the ease of getting into a daily routine. Learning to code (or anything that matter) is reliant on daily repetition and we wanted to make that easier for people.