Lowdown 2.0

Help busy people keep up with your Slack

Slack members don't have time to read every channel—great posts get missed. Highlight them in autogenerated email digests with Lowdown.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt 6 months ago we launched the first version of Lowdown — a tool to autogenerate newsletters for Slack communities. We’ve now sent more than 80,000 emails to 14,000 people, across 300 organisations. 🎉 Since then Lowdown has improved in every way and evolved into a tool that highlights the most valuable posts shared in all kinds of teams on Slack. We’re thrilled to launch version 2 today. Here’s how the new-and-improved product works: 👁 Identify content automatically You identify channels and keywords for Lowdown to analyse and our Slackbot will automatically suggest great posts to highlight in your email digests. 📣 Instantly add any Slack post React to any post in your Slack with 📣 to add it to an email. 📅 Set a schedule that suits Select a day, time and frequency for your email digest. Lowdown then creates and sends automatically. ✅ Easily subscribe your members Add your Slack members as recipients in one-click or use our Slackbot to collect their permission. --- To celebrate our launch day we're offering Product Hunters a special discount. Enter the coupon PRODUCTHUNT to get 50% off for 6 months. We’re also working on our next release which will let you receive a personal digest of highlights from channels you care about. Sign up for early access here - https://getlowdown.com/slack-dig... Thanks guys 🖖
We've been using Lowdown with a 150 person Slack. Love receiving the Lowdown from Lowdown in my inbox it highlights the stuff that got buried or forgotten about. Really pleased to see the schedule feature and to nudge members. Congratulations + can't wait for the personal digest.
@chrismcclelland We've loved having you onboard Chris thank you!
Lowdown saves me loads of time and keeps me in touch with all the important info from our Slack channels. Can't recommend it enough.
@gavinshields Thanks Gavin, glad to hear you're getting value from it!
Hey folks. I'm Phil, the CTO here at Lowdown. I really hope you all like what we've built so far! If you have any questions just let me know - happy to answer any questions. This version of Lowdown is the second big release, with lots of new features based on the feedback we've received. Check out what's new in Steven's (our CEO) comment above https://www.producthunt.com/post.... And we're only getting started... One of the biggest pain points that our users tell us about is getting too many notifications from Slack and therefore finding it hard to focus on real work. We plan to help alleviate this problem with our next iteration of Lowdown - sign up for early access: https://getlowdown.com/slack-dig...
This is just the thing I need. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with Slack channels that I've felt like ditching them all together. This is a great idea and I will surely be using it :) Well done!
@himynameisciara That's good to hear Ciara. Our forthcoming release should help even more by letting you set up personal digests for every Slack that installs Lowdown!