Buy lottery tickets over SMS

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Hey Guys, I'm the other co-founder at Lottomatic. Thanks so much for testing out the service and we welcome any feedback on how we can make the service better. And a quick heads up, tomorrow's jackpot is $301M so now is a good time to give it a shot :)
@sidviswanathan Hey there! I'm CEO of Jackpocket which is available in NY at and would love to connect at some point :) Love that you're trying to change the lottery market as well!
@pjsullivan3 @sidviswanathan I also highly advise you to watch out with for the $1 processing fee. Nearly every jurisdiction will see this as an additional fee for the ticket and thereby illegal!
@pjsullivan3 @sidviswanathan Thanks for the feedback. You can drop me a line anytime at
@sidviswanathan No problem. Welcome to an industry with lots of lawyer $$$$ fees.
A neat idea. Buy lotto tickets online so it's the quickest and easiest way to play the California Powerball lottery.
It seems most studies indicate that lotteries disproportionately harm lower-income individuals and families. Not to hate on the product itself as it obviously facilitates a 100% legal and state-sanctioned 'game', but it would be good to help spread education to some of these negatively affected players. I've never played the lotto and not sure how to accomplish that, but worth thinking about in the development of this.
@nelson_keating We hear you. We've implemented a cap on the number of tickets anyone can buy for a given draw but we definitely plan on building a more robust algorithm to detect if someone is playing a bit too much. We could then direct them to resources and applicable treatment programs.
Hi PH crew, I'm one of the co-founders of Lottomatic. Super excited to be launching today and would love any feedback you have for us. Text 'PLAY' to (415)-936-0700 to get started!
Reminds me of JackPocket ( I'm a big fan of invisible apps, but this is one where I think I would prefer an app.. I'm the classic "play twice a year when it's over 400M" kind of lotto player, so I'm hoping JackPocket is in CA by the next big one (They've said coming soon for quite some time now...)
@dhulser That's interesting because I would typically have thought that twice a year scenario would definitely be better suited for an invisible app? Would love to hear more about how you think through this for your own use?
@dhulser Also in ~4-6 weeks we might be at a $400M jackpot, and I'll personally notify you then if that happens!
@sidviswanathan You're right! An invisible app probably makes more sense for someone like me that only plays a couple times a year -- that said, there is a trust issue w/ lotto numbers that I think is improved with an app vs invisible app. But I'm glad you're avail in CA, so I think you've got the advantage there. I'll probably give it a go next big one =)
@dhulser Thanks for the love!
@dhulser Yea totally agree. We deal with that for now by just issuing Quick Pick numbers and sending you a photo of your physical ticket so nothing too complex over SMS. But we'll definitely be working on a native app to offer the more advanced features soon.