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Combining a pre-paid @Visa debit card and a well designed "budgeting app" for your phone, @LootBank appears to be providing all the tools you need to stay on top of your finances.
The address changed I thing, now it's https://www.loot.io

Theyve paused my account for almost two months, everyday I write them on the chat option and I receive a message im gonna be replied in 5 mnts,...ITS BEEN THE SAME ANSWER SINCE 22 of FEBRUARY,..is this a scam?...my account is paused so I cant withdraw my funds and forget this bank service exists I will think that this is a SCAM...who will pay me for all the stress this situation is causing me?..and the interests?...cant believe this is happening




Unpause my account so I can withdraw my money

When they hold your money the can do whatever they want, they can block your account with all the money within, even when there's not any bloody reason. They will tell you some ridiculous bleep about suspect transactions, even if you didn't do anything strange,maybe an online purchase, maybe sold something on ebay, maybe your parents/friends moved some money onto your card, really there is absolutely nothing suspicious. You will try to contact them for some help, you ll feel embarrassed to confess you need the money because those money are the only savings you have, you ll be about to cry at the phone trying to explain that your landlord doesn't care about and probably he thinks you re a lier trying to set up excuses to avoid payments... Well, think as when you ask customer service for help they are kinda deaf and you're kinda mute, try to picture the situation in mind...
I have a loot account that as been paussed since i first started it, I have 226 pounds there that iI wanna transfer to a british account or a portuguese account, this problem as been delaying my life, and sincerely I think you should reimburse me of all the hustle I´m having with your lack of respect towards your clients. Please solve this matter and let me have whats mine, this is incomprenhensible and it looks like your taking my mone y ilegally. Please assit me and just give me my money. This review or pause, or stealing MY MONEYwith no reason, as been since 22nd of February 2019, dont you think it is enough time? when you first sent me a similar message I thought ok, normal and required procedures, now its been almost 5 months, and I still have MY MONEY paused?,...this is unacceptable, and whos gonna pay me for being waiting all this long for MY MONEY!!! You are taking the piss out of peoples lifes, this is a lack of respect for me and all your customers, cause if you are doing it to me, you can do that to anyone, I want MY MONEY NOW,...or I´m gonna start publishing all our messages since the 22nd of February in every reviews website that highlights Loot services, and show your true colors, that you are a fake bank, and dont care about your clients. JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY SO I CAN FORGET THIS NIGHTMARE PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! You have paused my account since the end of February...its been 5 MONTHS...and you still write me..saying I still have to wait...for undetermined time, are you real?..arent you ashamed of what you are doing,..you really have a lot of lack of sensibility, or you live in another planet, ..or you are just some thiefs....this is the worst experience EVER with a bank institution, I dont know if all you are doing is legal, and you know I cant do much regarding obliging you to pay MY MONEY, ... through courts, I will inform everyone in my reach of what you are doing to me, any client I can make him not follow your fraud bank is a victory for me....I WANT MY MONEY ASAP, You should pay me a lot more for all the troubles im having caused by yourselves IM SICK OF THIS SHITUATION!!! Talk with your team leaders pls, report this injustice, and let me get my money out of this nightmare you THIEFS!! You are the scum of the earth, GIVE ME MY MONEY YOU THIEFS!!!!