Looky What We Made

A free, 76-page book showcasing Glitch projects from 2018

Looky What We Made is a free, 76-page book showcasing some of the 1 million projects the Glitch community created in 2018. There's everything from useful tools to cutting-edge VR experiences, smart bots, and apps that advocate for important causes.

Be inspired by 100+ projects from 75 creators, with artwork by a dozen guest illustrators.

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Brilliant idea. Maybe we should follow suit and publish a physical book of this year's upcoming Golden Kitty Awards. πŸ€” cc @abadesi
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@abadesi @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! You totally should. We'll send you out a copy.
The best part of working on Glitch is seeing the genuine positivity and amazing creativity in the Glitch community every single day. We wanted to give you a flavor of it, so put together this book that highlights just some of the fantastic things the Glitch community has created in 2018. We hope it inspires you to build something new.
I love Glitch
@alexnklein Thanks Alex, I'm a long-time fan of Kano too
Great job guys. I love that Glitch is making the internet weird again ✌️
@sgoudie Hah - thanks Samuel, we're trying!
Awwwwwesooooooome! πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯🎏✨✨✨ I end up loving everything Glitch does. Love this project! And as always, the design is fun and super great.