#1 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2016

Looksy lets you stream video directly inside iMessage by embedding live video chat bubbles into your iMessage chats transcripts.

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Thanks for hunting Looksy Kevin!! I've been wanting to release this ever since Apple announced that iMessage extensions would have camera access at WWDC. But since they didn't say anything about microphone access I really had no idea if they would go for this at all. But, after a long review process, they said πŸ‘ so here we are! iMessage seems like a natural fit for live video, especially when a chat becomes synchronous and talking would be easier than typing. So Looksy is really for those moments when switching to live video makes sense (and easier to do then launching a new FaceTime call). Clearly group video is the obvious next step (and apps like Houseparty show there is huge potential here) but for now Looksy was just a fun challenge that I wanted to bring to life. Happy to answer any questions here on PH!
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@abcdannye I will give this a try sometime this week...
@shakurgree cool πŸ™ let me know what you think!
@abcdannye that's great feature Danny. Will try sometime in this week.
@sawarams thanks Sawaram!
Looksy is a superfast way of switching to live video from inside an iMessage chat when you are both in chat at the same time. Just send a Looksy and when the other person taps it you are connected live like FaceTime.
How does this differ from Fam? Fam: Group video chat for iMessage https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Hi @chrismessina yeah Fam launched a couple days after Looksy and tbh their successful launch broke my heart :( That being said I am a big believer that good markets have good competition by definition. My focus right now is on the 1-1 live video experience and I have some ideas for keeping Looksy differentiated when I roll out group video (soon)
@abcdannye got it, thanks! Good luck! 🀞🏻