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For digital marketers that regularly launch new websites, Lookout is an optimization platform that identifies website preview problems and provides recommendations to improve performance across social networks, search engines, and messaging platforms

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Hi Product Hunt, Today we're launching Lookout, a suite of tools to help marketers and developers with website previews. Have you ever shared a link on social networks or messaging platforms where the link looks beautiful, and other times they look crummy? Those links are controlled by website preview tags, little bits of HTML code often called social meta tags. It turns out a lot of people across the internet don't use the tags, or have the tags implemented incorrectly. They have a huge impact on performance and we couldn't find any tools to learn, build, optimize, and monitor the tags. Today we're launching with: 1) Testing Tool - Preview and score any webpage across the internet. Get actionable tips and share with work peers. https://mobilecavalry.com/lookout 2) Website Preview Best Practices - Become the master of these tags. Learn the most dos, and must nots. https://unfurls.co/lookout/defin... 3) Website Meta Tag Generator - Build the perfect website preview with correct html tags https://unfurls.co/lookout/websi... 4) Lookout Slack Application - Run Lookout requests with coworkers. Get feedback, launch campaigns faster. https://unfurls.co/slack-app We'd love some feedback on the above and hear how you, and your team manage website meta tags. Kenny
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Nice! This is so much better than messing about with Twitter's Card Validator and Facebook's Open Graph Debugger. Thanks for making this :)
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@dbader_org Thanks so much for checking out the tool.

Basic, effective - checks specific important social media configurations and provides visual feedback to help users understand their website's current state in terms of social media shareability.


provides a simple useful check/validation that's a requirement for any site with social media aspirations


none so far

This definitely exposed some embarrassment on our landing page for us.
@imackinn Hey Ian, happy to give some custom tips to the later.com team. Be sure to check out the best practices on this page - https://mobilecavalry.com/lookou... Catch you later! (see what I did there)
This is awesome! I wish I had this like 2 months ago when I spent like 3 hours figuring out all the meta crap for FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
@thepatwalls Hi Pat, love your website too.. Great content for ecommerce folk. Have a great V Day!