Explore & book travel experiences via 360° videos

#5 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2017

A mobile travel guide that uses 360° video to let travellers explore & book things to do. Lookaround features the first in the world 360° travel vlog from local insiders that give hints on topics such as eating out, shopping, clubbing and sightseeing. What are you waiting? Download the app and have a look around!

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Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
Hey travel addicts! I am Nick - one of the founders of Lookaround. We are very excited to be featured on Product Hunt and we would love to hear your feedback. We have been working very hard to create a unique travel guide that includes the newest type of media format out there - 360° videos. As we are in the early stages, we would be very happy to hear what you would like to see included in our app in the near future. To say thank you to the Product Hunt community, we are giving away a promo PRODUCTHUNT that gives you a discount for your next booking on our app.
Dylan Damsma@dylandamsma · Maker of cryptominded.com
@nick_mihaylov Neat! Congrats on the PH feature :)
Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
Thanks @dylandamsma!
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@nick_mihaylov Berlin and Barcelona only?
Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
@faisal_hassanx Yes, we expand on a city per city basis. Our very first market was Berlin and we recently launched Barcelona. We are expanding to more European cities in the next couple of months.
Radoslav StankovHunterPro@rstankov · Tech @ Product Hunt
Very useful, when you want to prepare for traveling or decide where to go next :)
Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
@rstankov Thanks for the feature Radoslav!
Aziz Firat@azizfirat · Design lead at Tidal
Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
@azizfirat Well, that's embarassing. Our branding was done by a Berlin agency and we thought their work was genuine and original. We will investigate and provide an update on that. And thanks for the link! :)
Noel Wigdor@wiggy · Entrepreneur and sharing economy fanatic
@azizfirat @nick_mihaylov I wouldn't worry too much about it. Legally you only have to worry about "likelihood of confusability". Would you confuse the two? I would argue one is clearly a bike, one is clearly a face, and very unlikely to be confused. Not much to worry about here.
Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
@azizfirat @wiggy Thanks for the input Noel. We are still consulting this with legal professionals as we don't want to get in legal trouble while being 100% focused on building an awesome travel platform. We will update you soon! :)
Aziz Firat@azizfirat · Design lead at Tidal
@wiggy @nick_mihaylov might not be a legal thing but from a brand point of view, I would go back to the agency and ask some questions...
Tom Frazier@tomfrazier
Downloaded the app. Where does 360 play into the experience? I can't tell before I click when I am going to get a 360 experience and when it is just a photo.
Nikolay MihaylovMaker@nick_mihaylov · Investment Analyst
@tomfrazier Hey Tom. That's a legit argument. We got that already from other users too. In th list view, you can see a small badge on the site saying 360 video. We are thinking of changing that to an icon. Once you open the tour, you have a play button at the center of the screen. We are changing this to an looping animation (similar to that of 360 videos on fb). I will update you once these changes are implemented.