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Reduce eye strain & exhaustion with the 20-20-20 Rule



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ben Watanabe — 96 Problems
A special thank you from us to Look Up's first 300 hunters…


We made Look Up to let us design and develop comfortably longer. Other great eye solutions like Flux focus on color receptors in your eyes. Look Up focuses on the muscles related to vision using the 20-20-20 Rule, a method recommended by many but most importantly Lifehacker ;)

•20-20-20 Reminders: It's okay to snooze them, some is better than none.
•Pomodoro Style Goals: Set small 20 minute sprint goals after rests.
•Seated Rest Stretches: Demonstrated by our animated stick figure.

(better than my writing is the Product Hunt edition gif comic on our site)

Being obsessed with “flow” we wanted to make Look Up as undisruptive as possible. Still being aware of time, beyond “What time is it?”, can help when realizing you've spent 3 "periods" perfecting a PH release comment…

(infomercial voice) With Look Up you'll be ready for the next task or after work fun with eyes fresh and focused! For me that means being ready for sparring after work or ready to read my way through Westeros at night.

We've discounted the app for 50% off on the App Store, for 1 week from our Product Hunt Launch. You can also use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get 50% off if you buy the app through Gumroad. Either way it'll be just $1! 😮
Siddharth Gupta — Student
Just downloaded this! I have terrible eyesight and time management so it could be a great tool for me. One thing I would caution though is it says 50% off on gumroad but the price on gumroad is $2, bringing the product back to the original $1. not a big deal, but seems a little disingenuous...
ben Watanabe — 96 Problems
@siddygups Hope that it helps for both!

Our writing may be a little unclear, but the price on iTunes is also discounted 50% to $1, the original price is usually $2. Apologies if it came off as disingenuous, but promise it's usually $2 on both platforms so you did get 50% off.

Hope you enjoy Look Up, please do comment back after getting to try it out for a few cycles. Would love your feedback on the app too!
Siddharth Gupta — Student
@benwtnb already enjoying it! Is there a system for tracking the goals I set? I love simple, short burst, tracking tools that have no chance of getting disorganized but I would like to see my old tasks somewhere.
ben Watanabe — 96 Problems
@siddygups Awesome, happy to hear it's working out!

Definitely hear you on the part about tracking tools being able to get organized or overwhelming as they get backed up. We don't have a function to see the tasks you've completed yet, but it is something that we've been thinking about implementing. Hearing that you're interested in it too is good motivation to work towards it! Would definitely be great positive reinforcement for users to keep using Look Up too, seeing how much they accomplish while using it.
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