LongShorts Stories

Long fictional stories told in short tweets on Twitter

LongShorts is like taking the cast of your favorite show and following their stories in real-time on Twitter.

• Each new "chapter" (aka status) fits into a few tweets

• Stories update in "real" time from the characters accounts

• They're ready to escape with you whenever you have a second!

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I love this app. Keep up the good work guys!
I love projects like this. It's a really interesting way of exploring story telling. Great job!
@sgoudie Thanks for the kind words Samuel! I really hope one of the stories on LongShorts makes you want to learn more about the characters. Many of these are a prequel, side story, or otherwise related to a more “traditional” work of literature or media. And every like or retweet is a vote for those characters to continue telling their tale online! 👍
Awesome idea! But why is it zoomed in so much (using ios11 / iphone 7) - makes it really hard to read :/
@mahnouel thanks Manuel for giving it a read!what do you mean by zoomed in? Would you prefer the text be smaller? We wanted to make it easy to read and walk at the same time, but could probably make the text adjustable or tone it down a bit :)
@benwtnb The app seems to use a lower resolution than the default one (the status bar is really big). It would be awesome to disable that. In the screenshots on the Appstore it looks fine though - maybe it's a bug?
@mahnouel Thanks for letting me know, I just checked on our interns phone and for some reason it does seem to be zoomed whereas in the simulator it doesn't. Thanks for letting me know! They hadn't noticed it I guess
@benwtnb You're welcome - I'm looking forward to a fixed version! :)
Writing for the app has been such an amazing journey, and I am grateful all the time that I get to be a part of this groundbreaking step forward with literature. What I appreciate the most about the app is that there is such a true variety in genres and in writing styles throughout the featured stories. Everyone who writes for the app and who works on the stories has a totally different viewpoint as an artist and the whole collaboration process is really beautiful; it allows for any kind of reader to find something that they can get lost in. Additionally, you can ensure that each story was written with passion and care. Everyone who has been working on this project is excited, supportive, and encouraging and the system that we write and produce through is very much a system of checks and balances and bouncing ideas back and forth. It’s a group sort of operation—a group that includes the audience—and I think that definitely shows.
Growing up I read fictional books like the "The Power of One" that inspired me to dream big and shaped who I am today. As I grew I got busier and couldn't find the time to lose myself in the stories and worlds that inspired me when I was younger. We wanted to make LongShorts to fit fiction on Twitter, so that the stories might inspire our readers with big dreams that don't fit where they are right now or just inspire a laugh too :D Hopefully LongShorts will also inspire a question or idea from you (posted below🙏) that you can share to help our app and stories get where they're trying to go!