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The best alternatives to LongShorts Stories are Hardbound, Hardbound 3.0, and Instaread. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to LongShorts Stories
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  • Stories for curious minds

  • Start a free trial now! At Instaread we extract key insights from best-selling books. Our professional book-experts read and analyze books for you, so that you spend your time reading only the books that you re...

  • Blinkist distills the key ideas from over 6,000 books and podcasts into 15-minute Blinks to help people grow their knowledge and access powerful ideas.

  • Lure features a huge collection of chat fiction; short stories told with text messages, like if you were watching somebody else’s conversation. From suspense fuelled thrillers and horror stories to hilarious gr...

  • Books, summarized as 10 second GIF's

  • Bite-sized stories for the snapchat generation

  • We curate non-English books from China, Japan and Korea, translate and summarise them so that English readers can gain more knowledge in less time. We are currently gathering early-access subscribers. Our app i...