Video only dating app co-created by Norm MacDonald

LOKO is a video only dating app aiming to skip the awkward first date by having people video chat before they actually meet.

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Did I read that right? Norm MacDonald launched a Tinder competitor!? Watch out, @jmj / @briannorgard.
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover At first this whole thing sounded ridiculous, but the idea of skipping the awkward first date by pushing a video chat does sound like it has potential to increase the amount of meaningful real life "1st" (2nd) dates. However, the potential has sharply increased for the amount of phalluses being seen on the very first date.
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover @kristofertm Hey! Thanks for taking a peak at LOKO! I'm one of the co-creators and wanted to address your last comment re: "Phalluses seen on the very first date". We've spent a lot of time and cost into protecting users from this happening. We approve all profile videos before users can view them - and without question will suspend a user who try's to upload any video's with nudity or obscenity. The thought here is the "gate" at the profile stage will weed out users who might try things like that during the video date piece. If anything makes you uncomfortable during the video date - there is clearly visible "Report" and "Hang Up" buttons to quickly move on from seeing anything you are not comfortable with - and again we will immediately suspend the user. Thanks again for taking a peak at LOKO!
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover @vivekjain99 Thanks for the insight Vivek! Is there an interesting story about Norm's involvement in this venture?
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover @kristofertm I’ve known Norm for years and he’s become a good friend over this time. And that friendship is what led to LOKO! It started with a comment my daughter made to me during a movie night, “Daddy, you always take care of me and my sister, but who takes care of you? You should get a girlfriend.” This made me realize that I needed to make finding a significant other more of a priority. I’ve always been resistant to dating apps and up until this comment, I was trying the old fashioned way. But with my busy schedule as a parent of two girls, and the workload that comes with being an entrepreneur, it became evident that time wasn’t there to give it a fair shot. So I fired up the popular dating apps and its safe to say, my experience wasn’t good. One evening I went over to Norm’s house to vent about my recent first dates that went nowhere. And that’s when it began. Norm wanted to get to the bottom of this so we talked until we realized the problem was first dates. They rarely go well. It seemed like an inefficient use of time – when free time was so precious to begin with. This started the beginnings of our entrepreneurial journey, We talked into the night and when we were done, the problem was solved, LOKO was born!
@jmj @briannorgard @rrhoover @vivekjain99 Love it. Good luck with the business, as well as the dating!