Easily transfer files between any device in real time.

lokki.cloud aims to bring the comfort of transmitting files via methods like Apple's AirDrop to any device πŸ“¦
πŸ“± Simply open lokki.cloud on both devices
⌨️ Use a 4-digit code to connect both devices
🏎 Your file will be transferred to the other device
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Hello ProductHunt, lokki.cloud co-founder here πŸ‘‹ I've always been frustrated about transferring files between non-Apple devices as there was no way to quickly and easily transfer files between them - this is why I created lokki.cloud. It aims to be the simplest solution when transferring single files (like a Photo or text document) between two devices. Files will be almost directly transferred between your devices, allowing it to be 50% faster than most "upload, then download"-method. FEATURES: - πŸ’΅ Completely free: lokki.cloud doesn't cost you anything (we think about adding ads to the site in the future tho) - πŸ‘€ No login required: You connect your devices via a 4-digit code - no need for any new accounts - πŸ¦ΉπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Privacy friendly: We won't save your files on our servers. As soon as your devices are connected, our servers only function as a proxy If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know! ✌️
Cool! was looking into building this myself. You can use webrtc to send files device to device. Much better for privacy. I do that for other things in my LibreContacts app. Wanted to re-use that code.
@roel_kramer Thank you for the feedback, I will be looking into adding WebRTC to lokki.cloud in the future!
Amazing product! Looking forward to using this πŸ‘
Hey, congrats on launching, seems like a great product! Racking my brain to find out why I wouldn't just email myself or someone else.. the onboarding time and amount of clicks are comparable to email or whatsapp etc. Are there use cases I'm not thinking about?
@jhm_uk Thank you for feedback! I am sorry to hear this. In my experience I am normally faster when using lokki.cloud instead of mail or Whatsapp. This is especially the case when transferring larger files and when already having used lokki.cloud on the device as you won't need to go through the landing page and TOS acceptance screen anymore. Still, we will be looking into making the onboarding faster and reducing the number of clicks required.
Great product