LogRocket Live

Understand user problems without back-and-forth

When users report bugs or ask for help, it can be tricky to figure out what actually happened. LogRocket Live lets you see live video of what the user did, along with console logs, network requests and metadata, letting you quickly solve support tickets and make your users happier.

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Hello everyone! I'm a LogRocket co-founder along with @m_arbesfeld. Since our first launch on Product Hunt, we've been humbled by the support we received from the community and the thousands of companies that have adopted LogRocket to build better experiences for their users. Today, I'm excited to announce a new feature that will help support teams provide proactive help to users in need: LogRocket Live. Watch live video of a user right as they ask for help- and crucially, see console logs, JavaScript errors, network requests, and Redux state so you can quickly understand the root cause of any issue. You can also go back in time and understand a user's complete journey in your app. Our mission is to help teams build better user experiences and this is just one step toward that goal. Since LogRocket records *everything*, it can intelligently find bugs after the fact or let you search and filter based on events like “show me users who dropped from our onboarding”, or automatically detect moments of user frustration like rage clicks and broken buttons. Hope to hear from you all on how we can keep improving! Ben

This is the dream for anyone doing web dev, from a solo engineer to a giant team. Can't imagine how much time I've wasted trying to piece together (or replicate) what the user saw. Super excited to be able to have this integrated with realtime user feedback!


Amazingly quick triaging, without having to dig around in bug reporting tools to mentally replay the experience.


No integration with what happened server-side (yet!) - would be useful to see the whole picture in one place.

Would have saved our team SO many hours.
@will_jack Thanks William! We hope to save you many hours in the future :)

This app is a developers/UX designer's dream. No more guessing if your features work, or annoying and time consuming in-person interface review sessions. Just look at real people interacting with your product, it's the best!

Also, the replay functionality is like magic. It shows exactly what the user saw, including browser errors. This has already helped me debug issues that I never would have been able to reproduce otherwise (like a weird edge case where React wasn't picking up on IE autocompletion, reverting the changes on blur).


Replay functionality is like magic. It shows exactly what the user saw, with a console next to it.


Interface can be improved, and loads a bit slow.

LogRocket has been an absolute lifesaver. Not all end-user issues are easy to predict or test for.
@alexpete Thanks, Alex! It's certainly impossible to anticipate all of the possible edge cases your users might encounter, so we're glad LogRocket can help you find and fix any unexpected bugs that come up :)