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Thanks for featuring us @faisal_hassanx! Hi everyone, we didn't expect Logopony to arrive on PH that soon since we've just started, but nonetheless we are very happy to get here and are ready to answer any questions! Apart from other logo makers out there, Logopony's "AI" was initially trained on a set of professional logo designers so our customers receive a beautiful, professional, quality suggestions for their logos from the start, not just randomly matched fonts/colors. The app will start learning more from this point and provide better logos over time based on your likes. Each generated logo can be improved with our own custom made logo Editor which is the most powerful on the market currently and allows you to edit almost any aspect of a logo. Our main take on this is to eventually create a DIY one-stop-shop for non-designers to create&manage all their branding assets online in a convenient way under a single account e.g.: website logo, social network images, email signatures, app icons, business cards, flyers, tshirts, stickers, etc. Logopony is like your own designer but is fast, easy and available anytime/anywhere 24x7.
@faisal_hassanx @eugene_kondratyev Available 24x7, still they won't respond to support requests. The downloaded logo was unusable. Shame on you.
Hey @massimo_fazzolari I am sorry for the delay, I will investigate what happened with your email. More on that, we have fixed a minor letter-spacing issue you had with your logo and sent it to you via email. I've also provided a full refund but feel free to keep your logo I really like it.
Cool, but how is it different from Logojoy?
@dawson_whitfield @creativehitarth Hey guys, Logopony's AI was initially trained on real logo designers using best-practise and their choices to produce better logos, rather than on generic users with unclear outcome. Moreover we are heavily focusing on our Editor that will be used to create all other branding assets which you can't generate the same way as other logo makers do currently. Logopony didn't just appear from nowhere guys, we were working on it since 2016 but there is still A LOT to do
@gwheugene not sure this answered the question fully. logojoy's generator was trained on high quality professional graphics was it not? that is my understanding anyways. if your service is similar along a certain axis it would be nice to have that information. so is that component of your product the same as logojoy? also it is cool to see a focus on the editor post generation.
Hey @yvanscher and thanks for your feedback! It is the similar concept but with the completely opposite approach, just to name a few key points that we did different: initial knowledge base for our AI to learn from is made by professional designers, we focus heavily on front-end technologies/SPA concept to make our app cross-platform in the future, and lastly the Editor that is going to add a lot more to logo post-generation activities as you've mentioned and as i wrote in the first comment about our vision
The product template generation is pretty epic. Nice job! ✌️ I made this:
Hey @eonpilot, glad you like Logopony and we really appreciate your great feedback :)
This may not replace a well thought hand crafted logo. But still a really good tool to generate logo samples. Good job.
Thanks for your feedback @philipsajeesh This is true, but these algos are getting better over time and we also do offer a Photoshop-like Editor for anyone to improve their generated logo if they wish
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