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Made a new PH logo: http://logojoy.com/s/13802
Michael Sitver — Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
@dawson_whitfield That's actually a nice iteration for the brand. I tried it, and I love your product as an inspiration tool. Probably wouldn't pay for any of these logos at that price point though, TBH. Given that they're computer-generated, I wouldn't pay more than $10 (just below the cost of the time it would take me to recreate what I like in Photoshop or Illustrator). Still, I love the way you display each option so that users can see how the logo would look in the real world.
@msitver thank you! Yeah, it's interesting how the perceived value is less because they're computer-generated logos. Wonder if there's any way to mitigate that.
Michael Sitver — Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
@dawson_whitfield I don't know if there's anything that could sway me to pay more, particularly given the existence of sites like 48Hourslogo.
Thanks @chrismessina!

Hey everyone. I built Logojoy to make it a breeze for anyone to create a simple, good looking logo - whether it’s for their business, blog, or even club.

Logojoy is a new kind of logo maker. By using machine learning, genetic algorithms, and a few other fancy technologies, we’re empowering everyone to design their own logo.

What makes us different is our design rules, user friendly interface, and premium design ingredients. Logojoy has about a thousand design rules built into it’s algorithm - for example ‘Thin fonts need to be a darker color, or else they will be too hard to read’. Beyond that, we have 10x more premium fonts than any competitor, designer colors, and 550k+ symbols.

Eventually we hope to become the “world’s most experienced designer” as Logojoy learns what customers like over time.

I'll be here all day to answer questions.
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