Logo Search by Aesthetic

Search 100,000 logos by name or visual similarity

Logo Search is a free tool that lets designers search across 100k+ real logos by visual similarity, to help find inspiration for their next project. We hope that this app serves as a useful utility to logo designers in their daily process.
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Form finding is a large part of the logo design process, but there isn't any tool that helps brand designers reference the world's logos for inspiration in the creative process. We've learned this the hard way through our work on Aesthetic, where helped brand over 100 companies in the last 18 months. Andrew and I we worked on content understanding at Pinterest before Aesthetic. We helped build machine learning models to classify 100 billion+ images into 10,000+ interests. When we realized how little informatics had impacted the design industry, we knew there had to be a better way. Logo Search is based on the same core technology that we use elsewhere within the Aesthetic product stack. Our intention is to offer this to the design community as a free tool whose usage will also help us improve our underlying design understanding capabilities. We hope that the PH community finds this interesting and useful as they pursue their own design projects for their own projects!
This is a great way to see if you accidentally copied someone else, too :).
@scott_hanford came here to say this!
It's a good platform for any one who have relation with graphics bcoz at many time they need a number of logos for their work so they find all logos in this one platform.
This is pretty cool!