The greatest life logging app: record, track and remember

A complete life logger and life tracker, also a social platform. Track all your life with privacy. Log all your activities, moments and track easily.

Logg is an all-in-one personal diary, logger. Get reminders, statistics, tips and detailed searches in unlimited catagories.

Track all your activities with no need to use any other tracking app.

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Very interesting concept :), what about privacy? What data do you store? Where? Thank!
@mrorela thanks for finding idea interesting and thanks for your question 😊 privacy our real and common issue, for protecting data we are using advanced algorithms and we are always enhancing them and buying new techs about data security. Stored data is only what you post. There is not any hidden data capturing or using at Logg. Logg is an ultimate personal media and have social features. All of them written in terms and conditions. For your “where” question I can say that it is distributed to secure and trusted cloud servers 😊 I’m using and storing all my daily activites most of them are private logg. Data is secure and encrypted. Be sure 😊🙏

The app looks promising. I find myself wanting to log every single thing that happened to me. It looks similar to twitter. People can find and comment on your loggs if you put them on public. I wish there was a way to comment photos on loggs. There are a lot of new features that need to be added, but hopefully, they'll improve it soon. I've been using day one for logging everything I do. I like this as it keeps it nice and short.


Highly customizable. Add your own categories. Synchronize with Apple, Swarm, Spotify, and Strava.


Needs more work. Need more analytics and the ability to edit the categories I have in whichever order I like.

So far, I’m liking it. I always use day one for things like these, but sometimes I only have one thing to say, and having to put it on day one isn’t worth the hassle.
@aafable thanks for your comment 🙏 Hearing great praise from you made us so. happy 😊 We are open to all feedbacks to make it perfect. Regards.
How was tracking helped improve your life? @bybshkn
hello @abadesi, well with tracking yourself, you remember what you did during a day, week, month and whole life. A small example: I can found the answer of why I have heartburn, because I have drunk too much tea and coffee. Another example is I realized that I have allergy to sunflower seeds. Because everyday that I logged eating sunflower seeds, I was scratching my noise 😊 Tracking your daily activities improves your self-awareness, that's an obvious and proven technique. If you are interested how tracking improve your life, you can read blog post at loggyourlife.com. Here is the link. https://www.loggyourlife.com/wha... At the end of this blog post you can also find a blog post about life logging which is published by "The Guardian"
@bybshkn Thanks for sharing !
@abadesi thanks for asking 😊
This is a really interesting idea. I have to say when I saw the "social" aspect, I was kind of dissuaded. That's facebook and you're not adding anything WRT to social. The reason I did not try it is because there no mention of me exporting my data. Tired of having my data locked up in all these little apps.
@happygezim first of all thanks for your comment. You are pretty sure about locking data to applications. We all locking to many applications, health apps, tracking apps, social media apps, notes apps etc. All our data seperated and not in same format. But in Logg we are giving a chance to lock your data into one platform, store health, sport, business, personal and social data with same format into one ultimate place. To support this idea, we are integrating with other apps like strava, apple health, spotify, swarm and it is counting. All your seperated data will be in one place thats really awesome i think. Yes right now we don’t have exporting features but believe me we are thinking and working on it. Just giving csv or json not enough in our sight. if we let you export as json or csv, if you are not a computer geek, that exported data just rubbish for user. So, we are working how we make this data readable and usable. We know this data is so valuable, by this way we are working on an open api, so you can make an app or web page for your data and this will much more readle and usable. Also we will give csv and json download support too. For your other opinion, we are not Facebook and even we are not an opponent for FB. Our primary feature is personal media not social media. İf you want you can only use it for private, but if you want to be social just change logg’s visibility and your followers can see it. I hope my answers clear your worries. Regards.
@happygezim @bybshkn Hello, I have the same question/concern, thanks for clarifying. Has this been implemented?