Loffi Glove

Emoji cycling glove to combat road rage

Say hello to Glove!

A new, high quality cycling glove with a mission. Designed to make journeys happier for everyone.

  • Pros: 

    The biggest pro 4 me is being able to say thanks to the drivers that give way for me. Like the speed warnings a smile brightens your day.


    Are they warm?

    Love this and have ordered a pair. Sometimes as a cyclist you may want an unhappy face but at least these gloves make you rise above that (albeit in a passive aggressive way) and take the moral high ground by being positive in every situation :-)

    Andy Shanks has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Amazing though out product with multi-purposes. Super cute too.


    i want to buy it now!

    I love what these guys do, they put their mission across really clearly and the product is proof of the careful process they’ve gone through to make it.

    Ruby Wight has used this product for one week.
That is honestly the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time, well done! 😹
@aaronoleary Cheers Aaron, thanks! 😊
We designed Glove for one reason: to reduce anger and animosity on our roads. I have always cycled everywhere even from a young age, but in recent years I’ve noticed a considerable increase in aggression on the roads from both cyclists and drivers. With weekend rides and commutes to work becoming more and more stressful, I realised something had to change - arriving at work feeling frustrated and cross Is not ideal!
I love this idea :-) no more 🖕
@tanguyantoine Nice one! positive vibes 👋
Wow, how can someone not let me move across a lane now with that smiling at them! 🧡
@madebymayo Ha, Yeah, its a fact.. more smiles out there signaling 👍
Amazing, thanks Conor for hunting 🕵🏻‍us!! ... you can see the whole campaign and grab a pair here: http://bit.ly/loffi_cc