Loffi Glove

Emoji cycling glove to combat road rage

Say hello to Glove!

A new, high quality cycling glove with a mission. Designed to make journeys happier for everyone.

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That is honestly the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time, well done! 😹
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@aaronoleary Cheers Aaron, thanks! 😊
We designed Glove for one reason: to reduce anger and animosity on our roads. I have always cycled everywhere even from a young age, but in recent years I’ve noticed a considerable increase in aggression on the roads from both cyclists and drivers. With weekend rides and commutes to work becoming more and more stressful, I realised something had to change - arriving at work feeling frustrated and cross Is not ideal!
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I love this idea :-) no more 🖕
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@tanguyantoine Nice one! positive vibes 👋
Wow, how can someone not let me move across a lane now with that smiling at them! 🧡
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@madebymayo Ha, Yeah, its a fact.. more smiles out there signaling 👍
Amazing, thanks Conor for hunting 🕵🏻‍us!! ... you can see the whole campaign and grab a pair here: http://bit.ly/loffi_cc
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