Finally, easy stop motion movies

Stop motion is awesome, and stop motion is awful. But now, instead of taking picture after picture, you can just record a video of you manipulating your scene. Upload it to Locomotion. And let it do the magic of finding the good parts.
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Love the video! Hilarious!
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And if you find Locomotion handy, Product Hunters can use this code when purchasing a license to get it half off: producthunt Locomotion came from a ton of pain trying to make my filmmaking more interesting. Then there was a ton of pain actually trying to figure out how to build Locomotion :) I wanted to give up constantly, but it's finally a super handy tool I'm using like crazy to add some uniquess to my movies. How can I help? I'm here to answer any questions about whatever.
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I love that you took a common pattern/behavior and build a simple tool to make the process 10x easier. This is how a lot of great companies start. Curious what’s next on the roadmap, @natekontny. 🤔
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@rrhoover Thanks man! The obvious one I'll mention: iOS. I'm in the middle now of getting iPhone and iPad versions of this ready. Makes a lot of sense for kids and families to use Locomotion directly on those platforms vs. forcing them to get all their videos over to a desktop. Coming as fast as my fingers can type in the Objective C :)
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I’ve seen intros to videos done with stop motion, but it’s been too much of a pain to try myself. Glad you made this.
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@andrewwarner Andrew! Thanks man. Let me know if I can help you get an intro out the door. Happy to see if I can lend a hand.
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video is brilliant. nicely done.
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@zedsq Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!