The messaging app that lets you say what you ACTUALLY want

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This is weird What is the most common use case here?
@bentossell i wonder how one can put all this effort for to code an app, sorry may be i do not see the use case but would like to know it :-p anyway hope it will find its earlyadopters :-)
@otymix yeh thats what I dont really get
@bentossell talking to deceased relatives and loved ones?
@bentossell ok, so, with a companion plug into your smartphone breathalyser device, i do see a good use case. If you don't score below X, it opens up this instead of any other messaging app :D
@bentossell My first thought when my friend Louisa came to me with the idea was the same. Weird. But then over the next few days I felt the urge to write a text to someone that I shouldn't. So we built this V1 with @philipbroder. We truly believe that it will help some people dealing with loss, anger or lovesick.
I think it's pretty clever. When people go through tough times it can help to write letters to those we miss but can't talk to, or to those we are angry at. So why not a messenger app for that instead?
@satshabad thank you, exactly what you said
This app probably won't reach a billion people, but I think the founders are trying to target a very niche market here. I probably won't be using this app myself, but I'm surprised this is being dismissed by a usually open-minded community.
So if I understand correctly, the app is used to simulate having a conversation with someone but really the words just disappear into the ether. Is that right, @stuartcorky?
@rrhoover thats right. Locket is made for that feeling you get when you have to speak to someone and you shouldn't (ex girl/boyfriend) or can't (lost a loved one). We spoke to lots of people who had draft emails and notes that they have written and never sent. Subreddits exist for this such as https://www.reddit.com/r/UnsentL.... There wasn't a way of doing this with messaging which is how most people communicate nowadays. It is therapeutic, a release, a way to say what you actually want to say, unfiltered and completely private. No one will ever know.
@stuartcorky @rrhoover I was really hoping that this was a pivot for a broken messaging app that you didn't have time to debug.
"Ever wanted to send THAT message and you just can't.... Or you can and you did and now you wish you didn't..... Well here's Locket. The messaging app that never actually sends the messages So you can say what you want, when you want and to who you want.....and they will never know. Dance like no-ones watching Text like no-ones listening"
Hi! @stuartcorky What compelled you to make this?
@joantune A friend of mine came to me with the idea after she was dumped. Louisa wrote a blog about it - https://medium.com/@louisaislocket