Local Tweet Time

View the local time tweets were authored

Add a little more context to your timeline by viewing the local time a tweet was authored.
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A great way to find out context/drunk levels of people posting.
Hello everyone! I feel like a tweet's local time gives a little more context to a tweet, it can say a lot about the author’s state of mind 🧠 For example it's a different thing if someone tweets X at 1 PM and a completely different thing if someone tweets X at 4 AM 🌌 I also get lost trying to calculate timezones with all the people I follow from the US and all the digital nomads floating around the world, and me being from Europe 🤯 Also, I am curious as to what kind of relationship founders, makers and CEOs have with Twitter, do they use it early in the morning, while working, or late at night? etc. Because of the above, I built a chrome extension over the weekend that shows the local time a tweet was authored 🖊️ I decided to launch it since it may be useful for other people as well, if you want more details about the technical side of it, you can read this thread on Twitter where I explain how I built it over the weekend https://twitter.com/alexsideris_...
@alexandersideris Nice idea but be sure to know most people use TweetDeck's scheduling feature or Buffer so sometimes people are sleeping while they've tweeted 🤣
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Sweet idea. I definitely think this adds some context/value to tweets. Thanks for sharing!
@jjmu15 Happy that you find it useful Jamie, that was the precise reason for sharing it! 😄
Great idea, gives a bit more context in some tweets
Good idea :)