See when apps are using your network in your Mac menubar

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Helps find why your battery is draining as well
@phillpafford that'd be Chrome 9 times out of 10 😓
By the way the source was released under the BSD license, so if you want to see a different app integrate similar functionality just email the devs and they can use the code. Doesn't matter if it's free or paid.
This is great. It's like a simple version of Little Snitch.
@tompedals Little Snitch is also a firewall though, right? This just monitors the connections, it doesn't make any attempt to prevent them. Although the complexity of their Network Monitor tool is exactly why I made it!
@mikebonzai That's right, but a lot of the time when using it I just wanted to see what was using connectivity.
It's nice, but mine is constantly spinning. Guess I have too many apps open:
@mfkp The new version lets you disable the animation for specific apps and processes.
@mikebonzai very cool, that's a good idea