Load test your app & API's with 1000's of concurrent users.

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How does this differentiate from http://loader.io, which allows up to 10,000 clients / test for free?
Load Test your Web or Mobile Application and APIs with thousands of concurrent users.Monitor Website and API UpTime and Performance and get notified when downtime happens. Measure your website speed and get insights to optimize the performance of your websites.
I've used a lot of these tools, I think they are all pretty comparable. The pricing on this is REALLY good. It seems most similar to Blitz.io. Which sends a bunch of requests (think like CURL) to predetermined urls and measures the response time. If you're looking to run a test that's a little more "realistic" (launches a browser and goes through scenarios/uses cookies). Check Load Impact. Although, the price point for that is much much higher.
Can't log in, your password functionality is not working even after resetting, it still says its wrong. Also, you should not let users set up a test only to ask for email verification afterwards as I can;t even save the settings.

Don't sign up for a test - I didn't get any confirmation email - I could not login to be able to cancell my test period - I was charged for a year and could not get a refund.


looks okay at first


service not working, no refunds