Llamazing Fun, Inspiration, and Relaxation in every new tab. Handsome llama, pirate llama, and a secret one you will meet in the extension welcome you with a quote in every new tab and sometimes remind you to take a break.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
It's got llamas in it. What more do you want in life?
Lamas furerer!
@edisonjoao6871 why not? Love llamas and wanted to switch my new tab extension :-)
I downloaded Chrome just to have this extension. It's so cute! Love it.
@maggie_ma1 you can use it on Firefox too. What browser are you using usually?
@codeboje Safari- I was using Safari before. Is what what you use?
@maggie_ma1 thanks. I thought about making it available for Safari. Sadly, it's a complete different world and I had to rewrite the whole extension. So, probably no Safari extension in the near future.
Haha so cool! If you ever create one for puppies, I'd so be in! Just out of curiousity, can projects like these ever be monetized or are they just for fun?
@timusk thanks. Will notify you in case a puppy version comes out ever. Maybe monetization works. Right now one can order postcards. Also have some other ideas for merch. So, lets see.