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Cody PProduct, Edji
This is a really neat idea! I could see it being really educational if letters occasionally tie in with each other. (Seeing a person's reply, etc...) A few thoughts: - The letters look great! Some better photos featured more clearly on the homepage could do them more justice 😊 - The fact that there is a theme is *awesome*, and I feel like it could be highlighted better on the homepage - As a person interested in signing up, it's hard to justify the price. I do understand that this is weekly, and you're using nice materials. However, I can get the Sunday paper for the same price (apples to oranges, I know... but it's something in the mail each week). I'm not saying lower the price! But the way I perceive it from the site, I'm paying to receive 1 letter each week. If it felt more like a "bundle" or mini "crate" each week, it would be easier to justify. There might even be a marketing trick you could pull (curated with a Historian's background of the letter) or a community bonus like a "subscriber exclusive forum" to discuss the letters or something. Just some ideas... Keep doing cool things! I like it!

Got LetterJoy as a gift. Have had 3 separate issues with my account. Since this was a gift, I contacted them through their FB messenger. My first letter arrived (late- but I figured NBD) was excited, and happy... at first. Then my second letter arrived with 2 duplicate pages. I contacted c/s- was told they wouldn't send a replacement- that they would add a letter to the end of my subscription (after a lot of verbal run around)... ok- so incomplete letter #2 - letter #3 never even arrived. I live in a pretty big city, no inclimate weather conditions, and got ALL my other mail timely. After a lot of back and forth I was given excuses, and ambiguous solutions that I had to ask for actual clarification... more than once. SUPER FRUSTRATING. Felt like I was dealing with a bot. As it stands, I'm NOW awaiting letters #2 and #3 - which I have been advised they will resend, and then hopefully whatever else is supposed to arrive as per my gift subscription - oh and TWO whole additional letters "for my troubles" As of now, I'm definitely underwhelmed. Hopefully others haven't had my same negative experience with their customer service. It's a cool concept and I was totally geeked when I found out about my gift... BUT- it doesn't feel like Christmas every week when I open my mailbox and get NOTHING!!


Cool concept


Underwhelming customer support, and ambiguous solutions to rectify issues. A lot of unnecessary back and forth.

Kathleen GainesFormer US History teacher
Very positive