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I miss, I even made a collection of alternatives, but none of them have captured the same "magic". Although it's probably for the best... TT so distracting. ๐Ÿ˜ Add rrhoover on Liyo if you want to DJ together.
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@rrhoover I do too! When I worked in customer service, I had a group of co-workers all on turntable.
@ariella_cg @rrhoover we all miss but I still love DJZ and
@rrhoover me too, was a blast but it did have a way of taking over my day. Hoping Liyo will do the same...
@rrhoover we've been using at work, but will give Liyo a try today! I wish radio stations would play user driven playlists.
@rrhoover From what I've gathered in terms of feedback (reading post-mortem pieces, etc.) what made TT particularly attractive aside from the music itself were two things: 1) the community dynamic and feel, and 2) the serendipity that had been reintroduced into the discovery process. Both of these, community and serendipity, are not out of place in an on-demand streaming world, and indeed are how one bridge's the gap between merely being a streaming service and how one can become a music service. Music is community and discovery is half fueled by serendipity. Key to building and maintaining both of these things, though, is the need to control your own life-blood; your content. Relying on another service makes the initial build faster, but can lead to problems in the pipeline later on if that conduit to material is compromised. All of these are things which any new music service should be thinking about.
There is something great about being able to listen to music with others at the same time w/out having to have one bud in each person's ear -- especially when going through the subway turnstile.
Silent disco, anyone?! Love this, though. Definitely downloading.
I discovered Liyo thanks to Charlemagne Tha God when he interviewed @garyvee on his podcast..... gotta be the first product Charlemagne has ever known about before it was on Product Hunt hahahahaha