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Invest in your health. The 401k for healthcare.

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Lively HSA Investments is an easy way for Lively HSA account holders to invest their money to obtain long-term health savings.

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  • Patrick Connelly
    Patrick ConnellyMarketing @Lively

    No waiting! I can invest immediately


    More HSA! Love it!

    Love how easy it was to set up!

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Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly@patc · Marketing @Lively
#TeamLively here, thanks for hunting us @katmanalac! We are so excited to share Lively HSA Investments because they allow users to grow their health savings and generate financial returns over the long-term. Users can invest in any stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds they want. Unlike other HSA providers, users can invest from day 1 (with no minimum required). For HSA users already investing their money, Lively offers a more robust platform so they can get the most out of their HSA. This includes modern conveniences like an intuitive online dashboard, detailed investment performance, and easy automated transfers or withdrawals with a click- no calls required. On top of that, Lively’s partnership with industry leader TD Ameritrade ensures that users have access to the most robust set of investment options. We are available in all 50 states for individuals and employer HSA plans. Full Details:
Dmitry Birulia
Dmitry Birulia@dbirulia · Cofounder @Veryfi YC W17
Awesome! Great job guys, happy to be an early user keep rocking 👍
Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly@patc · Marketing @Lively
@dmitry_birulia Thank you!
Was super surprised to learn about the difference between HSA and FSA accounts, and in today's uncertain healthcare markets, HSAs seem like a great option
Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly@patc · Marketing @Lively
@yuris we think so too! With an HSA, you can save for short-term and long-term healthcare cost for years to come! HSAs are wonderfully flexible in an otherwise unflexible healthcare system
Charley Ma
Charley Ma@charleyma · Fintech @ Plaid
Congrats on the launch! Healthcare is super confusing (and I also just recently learned about HSA's and how they're different from FSA's), what inspired the team to create the product?
Shobin Uralil
Shobin UralilMakerHiring@shobin_uralil
@charleyma it's incredible what the difference is between the FSA and HSA. Lively was created out of a couple of personal experiences that both Alex and I went through a couple of years back. He with his mom and me with my son - we were both hit with surprising out-of-pocket medical expenses. That is what prompted us to look for ways we could have prevented that experience. When we looked into the HSA, the benefits speak for itself, but the existing providers didn't focus any time on the actual experience of easily savings and using your money. Additionally, people were confused for how to save and felt as though they were getting nickeled and dimed from their provider. We just felt that individuals shouldn't bear the brunt of trying to save for their future healthcare costs. That's why we are free for individuals. We also believe that the HSA is incredibly under-utilized when it comes to covering healthcare costs in retirement (>$275k on top of medicare for your average couple in retirement)! It's never too early to start saving. We knew that if we can create an easy to use, intuitive experience that gives people the ability to save for the future or use their money today, then we know we could make a meaningful impact. Sorry for the long response, but hope that helps give a glimpse into how and why we got started!
Shlok Vaidya
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Director, Customer Success Operations
If I have an HSA provided by Discovery or whoever and I'm still at my employer, is there a way to use this?
Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly@patc · Marketing @Lively
@shloky - sure thing. You can actually open up multiple HSAs. There is no limitation on this. In your specific case, if your employer is making contributions into your HSA account, our recommendation would be to maintain it (so you can continue receiving those employer contributions). You can then open a separate Lively HSA account for yourself and make any direct contributions there. You can also "rollover" your funds once per year according to IRS rules. We'd also be happy to speak with your employer about switching over your Employer HSA :).
Shlok Vaidya
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Director, Customer Success Operations
@patc Sweet, thanks, couldn't find that spelled out on the site