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Yet another useful product update from Drift. This time they are digging into the sales use case by creating a live view of people on your website who you can engage with right now. It's focused on a key use case in sales. Most of us who know about growing B2B sales have learned that the faster that we can respond to a prospect, the more likely it is that they'll convert. Pretty simple, yet the majority of tools don't help you be more responsive to sales prospects. Drift now does in a special way, right on your website while the prospect is looking at it! Check it out... it's pretty cool and has the potential to get you more sales!
I wish we would have had this last week when we launched on Product Hunt! Sincerely, A happy Drift customer
@toddg777 what's up Todd! I know I know. But now you can have it :)
Excited to share this with the PH community today! The faster a sales rep can respond to a new lead the better. But most of the tools out there today don't match the real-time nature of sales today. We're excited to building tools at Drift for the new era of sales πŸ™
We've started using Live View recently and it's brilliant for our mix of B2B and B2C. The Drift team keeps on delivering and actually standing out in a crowded market that we thought was already dominated by a few big players.
This is great! For teams that have used Live View before, what's the typical mix of identified vs. non-identified prospects? I can imagine this is more helpful with identified prospects. Any thoughts on how to increase identification to create a better prospect pipeline?
@kunalslab the current mix of identified vs non-identified depends on whether you use Drift inside your logged-in app or not. We have a partnership with Clearbit and their Reveal product where you can identify companies just based on IP so that'll greatly increase your chances of connecting with the right lead in real-time. We're calling it Realtime ABM when you match it with our follow feature.
@eliast ❀ Clearbit. Is it possible to get notifications based on companies in addition to specific people?
@kunalslab You must be a product designer. Of course you can!