Live Translate in GoSquared Live Chat automatically translates conversations between your team and your visitors, leads, and customers.

Live Translate is designed to be seamless and means you can focus on winning new customers and helping existing ones, without having to manually translate messages, and without having to expand globally.

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Hi everyone! One of the makers here – we're really excited to get Live Translate out the door. There's clearly a lot of action going on in the live chat space – we're thrilled to see so much innovation. Live Translate has been born out of requests from many of our customers who want to deliver a great level of service to their customers around the world, without having to hire staff to speak every language of every region they serve. As we've been saying for a long time – every visitor to your website is a potential lead, so don't make language a barrier for them to get in touch. Live Translate uses the Google Translate API to ensure tip-top accuracy in translating messages between your team and your visitors, leads, and customers. We really hope you like it!
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Really cool application of machine translations. Awesome work team! 🍾
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@jakeapeters Thank you so much Jake, really appreciate you stopping by with such support!
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Love the thumbnail gif! 👏
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@jmedwards Haha thanks so much Jamie! Probably took longer than building the whole feature itself :P
Another great feature guys, loving your tool already!
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@waq_azeem Thank you so much Waqar – that's hugely appreciated! Pleasure to have you on board!
Amazing! Can’t wait to try it out 🙌🏻
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