Live Memories

Turn live photos into instant movies πŸ“±

Create instant movies from your Live Photos. Just select the photos you want to group and get back a short video memory.

Live Memories supports exporting in three aspect ratios to accomodate all social networks. Overlapping photos are automatically detected and the overlap is removed.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH, this is been a small idea of mine since the iPhone 6s launched. I'm glad to finally ship it. Creating short videos from Live Photos does feel like something Apple should've shipped natively, but until then here's my implementation.
@_patmurray is there a way to resize the photos? I love the idea. I downloaded the app and tried it out but it is cutting off the top of my photos when I use social or when I use the story option. It’s no way to resize or scale the photo unless I am@mistaken.
@nikenn at this time there isn’t. I made the opinionated decision to remove as many options as possible for 1.0. Having said that, this is a request I’ve had from people so I’ll definitely look into it soon. Thanks for checking it out :)
Add some more info to the landing page, In my opinion. Great looking product though.
@theashtube yeah I will do. I must say I fall victim to the curse of the solo developer who spends too long focusing on the app and forgets everything that goes around it. Whooops πŸ™ˆ
hello @_patmurray, great idea. Do you have plans to alter video, such as with boomerang altering a moment. Lets say to have different "filters", like instagram, but for video-moment-logic captions. Making goofy gif-like videos in an instant.