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#4 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2015
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I've been waiting for this since the day I got my iPhone 6s. Live photos have been surprisingly amazing especially since I have a newborn at home now, but I haven't been able to share them until now.
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@garrytan Basic & Useful. You should check out
@garrytan It's going to be great to see all the gifs of the newborn! I think this is perfect for combining the ease of taking a photo with a phone and sharing quick gifs/movies.
Hey Product Hunt! Here's a quick intro to Live GIF. It takes Live Photos taken with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and allows you to export them as a GIF (or MOV as an option). It does this by immediately accessing all your live photos and showing them to you, and with some fancy 3D touch actions, you can preview them, and hard press them to start the export process of creating a GIF. In a moment, it's ready and gives you the ability to share using text, slack, airdrop, etc. We built Live GIF because we all wanted it. There's no easy way to just take that Live Photo and send it to people who don't have iOS 9.0. It also doesn't automatically animate in text messages and so on. The only way to do it was to hook it up to your desktop, pull the .MOV file out, and then share it. So now, you can even just export your last Live Photo from the app icon in one quick motion if you wanted to with Live GIF. Another reason to working on Live GIF was to start experimenting with the new 3D touch for photo editing that we are planning on integrating into our iOS photo editing app, Priime ( With 3D touch, there's a lot more control to be had. More on that in a later release for sure. We'd love to hear your thoughts on Live GIF! Hope it's helpful!
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@art_chang Great work Arthur! I'm a big fan of Priime and no doubt I'll be using this plenty too!
@lexkon awesome to hear Alex! Looking forward to your thoughts on Live GIF, and definitely reach out with any ideas / suggestions about Priime too!
@art_chang I'd like to show you how the RiteTag API can help get social-shared GIFs found and reshared. saul @ for my reply.
Hey, you're charging?! Right on. I bought. And it's downloading now. I've been looking for something like this.
@andrewwarner thanks for the support andrew!
@ayn 👊🏼 I've been using it all day. Super-clean UI. I wish apple built this in. There are tons of times I want to share Live Photos of my son but no one in my family has an iPhone 6S.
@andrewwarner Awesome! If they have iOS 9 they can actually view them, but it's still a bit confusing and GIFs are autoplayed in iMessage so they're nicer.
I knew it was only a matter of time before someone created this! 👍 Good job @art_chang and team!
@jadlimcaco Yup totally. It's in such high demand! It'll be a great utility for awhile, though I'm sure a lot more of these will come out soon enough. Integrating a lot of great 3D Touch components into Priime in the near future is going to be great, looking forward to it! Also, plenty of fun things and updates to Live GIF to do as well.
@art_chang So what were the challenges that you ran into (if any), while developing the app?
@jadlimcaco Not too many big ones. We originally developed this for iOS 9.1, as there's a lot more available in terms of working with Live Photos, so it was kind of a scramble to get it working on 9.0. We wanted this to be available sooner than later. But to be honest, it wasn't too big of a hurdle compared to a lot of things we've run into on Priime.
@jadlimcaco Thanks. We had fun building it and even more fun using it!
@art_chang what kinds of things can we expect with the 9.1 version? Or was it mostly things that make it easier on the backend for conversion?
At first I was surprised Apple didn't build this into live photos but it actually makes sense. By making live photos only available on the iPhone, it communicates a level of access and "superiority" similar to the blue background in iMessage text messages.
@rrhoover Would it make sense to make the *result* of that exclusivity widely available though? Seems like that would introduce the most FOMO/awareness of the feature.
@rrhoover I agree completely with why they're pushing people towards using Live Photos as is, and there's a good chance Live Photos will become a household recognized thing. But having a little GIF fun in the meantime never hurts ;)
@staringispolite @rrhoover I think Live GIF is one of those things that can help with the FOMO factor. Android users getting all these GIF's that were created easily with the built in camera? Pretty awesome.