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Live chat that combines chatbots with human chat

We’re proud to announce the new place where humans and our ‘anti-AI’ chatbots meet: the Chat section. It includes features like:

🚀 Bot launcher.

🛠 New filtering options.

🤫 Conversation snoozing.

😍 Emoji/GIF picker.

👤 Advanced user profile management.

Register a free account, discover 'Chats' and share your feedback on this beta version!

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Hey, PH community! 👋 This is Fer, the Product guy at landbot, and today we're excited to release what we've been working on for the past weeks. There were literally a million things we could've done to make Landbot better - on our road to v3! - but we felt like the old Chat section wasn’t up to scratch. That's why we decided to fully redesign it! Still a beta version but looks like a great starting point! 💪 As you can see in the description, it allows you to do way more things. And the one we're especially proud of is the new Bot Launcher: while most bot software perform the 'human takeover' to send the conversation from a robot to a human, we thought it would make a difference to allow our users to do just the opposite: give the control of the conversation back to the chatbot! Click on the Launcher icon and select any chatbot at any time to finish the conversation on auto-pilot! Please, test it and share your feedback with us: this is a WIP and you are the most important part of it! 🚀 Thanks!
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Nice job here, guys, just created an account, can’t wait to see how this really helps the communication with our users.😉 Which other use cases are the most common for these human-bots interactions?
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@fran007 Hey Frank, thanks for the support! Well, usually bot-human interactions are actually that way: from a chatbot that starts the conversation to a human that finishes it (e.g. closing the sale :). With our bot launcher, you can do it backwards: give the control of the conversation back to the chatbot! This is grate if you want to: - Lead scoring/qualification: Landbot asks questions and, when the right answers are triggered, the human takeover gives you the control of the convo. - Support: sometimes a bot can't solve a user's problem, and you need to jump into the conversation to help. After that, why not launching a Survey bot to see if they liked the service? - Any sort of feedback / survey / NPS process: both at the beginning and at the end of the conversation, triggering a landbot can help you automate the info collection, and send it over to any of the apps you already use! Thanks again for your comment!
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Very awesome product. It's the easiest way I've found to create a chatbot. This chat feature is what we were looking for to engage customers with a personal touch. Bravo team!👏🏻 😊
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@anna_herranz Our team was very excited about this launch, Anna, so thanks for your nice words ❤️
Awesome!. I remember a coming soon page titled "Bricks" for landbot. Is this the same thing?
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@cellus_christie Thank you Marcell! Not exactly: “Bricks” is a concept we use to call the next Landbot release, which we are currently working on (result of several months of feedback from our great community)
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Paying customer here! 👋 We absolutely ♥️ Landbot! 👌
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@jimmycowe Happy to see you here, Jimmy! 😍😍😍 Feel free to drop any feedback!!
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