Insanely fun card game that teaches kids the basics of code

Littlecodr is an insanely fun card game that introduces code to kids ages 4 and up, created by parents tech entrepreneurs. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, this game is introducing coding concepts to kids all across the world. Kids love to "program" their parents or friends movements while they learn about logic, prototyping and debugging.

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I am a startup founder and a mom of three - and created this game to teach my own kids how to code. Then at the @Grow conference, fellow tech CEO and super dad Nathan Slee asked me about how I taught my kids, and ... Littlecodr was born from that conversation! It snowballed from there - people at the conference started pre-ordering, the media covered it, experts endorsed it, coding camps are using it and we got 140% on our Kickstarter - and shipped on schedule. Folks who code get it immediately, otherwise it's easy to learn - and show kids as young as 4 how to play (they don't need to read to be able to play).
My daughter is excited about littlecodr and waiting for the delivery!
Thank you @mamtha1, and great to see photos of kids using the sets.
Sounds cool - my son is on the verge of being old enough to start with this (and can't quite sit still long enough to play Robot Turtle). The real world component of this seems like it could be a cool thing to carry around and play pretty much anywhere.
Oh, we also have a spot to submit and upvote new mission ideas:
Haven't tried with my own kid yet but heard a bunch of glowing first hand reviews. Look forward to giving it a shot.
Thank you @mackflavelle, we did give it to many folks for feedback before printing... It needed to work for not just us! The nice side-effect was this got us lots of first supporters :)